March 25th BBQ and Meeting!

I have received numerous questions about why I want to sell interest in the Veterans Project in Villanow. Here is my short answer:


#1 I did not go into this business to make money, I went into it to help Veterans!

#2 I am almost 75 years old, I would like to see this project continue and to expand its capabilities.

#3 I would like to see this project owned and operated by Veterans and/or family members but would not rule out civilians.

#4 I have been in business over half of my life and nothing has been more rewarding than this project. I realize I won’t live forever. I also realize that unless people make their own personal investment they won’t put their heart into it.


As of now I am working on building a woodworking shop, blacksmith shop, motorcycle maintenance and repair shop, vegetable garden and produce stand and the kid’s camp.


My goal is to extend the Fort to the state of Montana to build a small lodge for hunting and fishing.

I have contacted many Governors of other states and they are all for the idea of allowing free fishing licenses for our Veterans so they could fellowship with each other no matter their location. They love this!


If you would like to participate, join in, buy in, you would actually own a part of the Fort Villanow Veterans Project.!


I invite you to meet us on Saturday, March 25th, noon to discuss and ask questions.


Please share this so we can get the word out!


For those retired, I have found that it can be a blessing if you are doing something worthwhile!