Fort Villanow Membership Requirements

All visitors to the fort are required to enter as members. This helps us to keep the cost of operations lower and more manageable. Cost of regular membership is $1.

There is no corporate sponsorship or government funding at Fort Villanow. We are a group of local veterans, all pitching in to make a place where we feel comfortable to talk and be together. Everything here has come from donations and we all share the burden of paying for the continued operation of the fort. We all have a part to play in covering the cost of utilities and supplies.

Veterans are encouraged to upgrade to a special Veteran Membership. This upgrade allows the fort to host special events for Veterans Only such as group outings, special dinners, etc. The cost of Veteran membership is $25 for the year. A copy of your DD214 is required for this membership. Please mark through your social security number and any other identifying numbers before submitting the copy to our office.