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The National Equine & Hoof Research Foundation, Inc. assists in providing financial support for research and soundness of the horses' hoof. This is a nonprofit organization recognized under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. Contributions can be made to the NEHRF as a group or as an individual.

The NEHRF can be reached:

By mail at: National Equine & Hoof Research Foundation
1930 Hornage Rd. Ballground, GA  30107-2443

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Bill & Kathy Fortner, Founders of the  NEHRF

Bill & Kathy Fortner, Founders of the NEHRF

A few words from Kathy Fortner

I first got started with animal rescue work in 1971 when Cherokee County, GA did not have an animal shelter. I worked with others in the area to help get the shelter up and running and I would care for dogs and cats at my home until we could find new homes for them . I went on to work with Pickens County,  GA horse rescue groups where I helped with fund raising activities.

As a resident of Canton, GA in 1989, I picked up a copy of "HORSE OWNERS SHOULD USE CERTIFIED FARRIERS AND WHY" booklet at a local market. At that time  I owned eight horses. One in particular, Cisco, came up lame and  I was afraid that he had foundered and there would be no hope. The booklet was distributed by the Farriers' National Research Center (FNRC).

Billy and I immediatly trailered Cisco to the FNRC. He could not walk a step without  excruciating  pain. The diagnosis was he was in the foundered stages. So with a good trim he was able to walk a little better that very day. He stayed at the school two weeks. When I came to pick him up , he cantered through the pasture to meet me at the trailer, Billy and I were in tears.

This is when we became involved with the FNRC. With the increased number of horses being donated to the FNRC which is a for profit business we saw a need to organize a charitable organization which is the NEHRF where those who donate horses, materials, hay, feed, lumber, tractors or anything related to horses can get a tax deduction.

 I am a horse lover who really cares about the well being of the equine and  am proud to be the president of the NEHRF to help other horse owners that are as dedicated to their horses as I am. I attend all of the events at the FNRC and would be happy to meet with any one who would like to help us in our endeavors.

Kathy Fortner

Remembering Bill Ainsworth

Pictured here with  NEHRF  horse, "Trace"

Pictured here with NEHRF horse, "Trace"

In 2005, A Vietnam Veteran (Bill Ainsworth) joined our efforts and encouraged more Veterans to participate. These men and women were returning from combat suffering with PTSD symptoms. Our horse program became even more popular and included families and more community events. In 2014, we needed more space and it was time to expand.

The NEHRF joined forces with the Fort Villanow Veterans Project, a local community organized group of retired Veterans. The goal is to help Veterans by providing a place in the community to meet and re-adjust. We jumped right in to assist and be part of the Fort. This is in a rural community of Villanow. The area is full of Civil War history on a scenic highway. The 2 acres was a junk car lot, cleaned up and made to look like a Western Town or old Fort, hence the name "Fort Villanow." We provided a Blacksmith Shop with Coal Forge to demonstrate shoeing horses, Horse pens and a lean-to made of scrape materials. More expansion created the Kids Survival Camp obstacle course and a log building for meetings and military museum. All of this has been provided purely by donations only.


Just a few of the horses helped by the NEHRF



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