Chris Kulow reviewed Fort Villanow Project – 5 star

Great contribution to our veterans who have selflessly put themselves in harm's way for the freedom of our nation. Much respect for Mr. Ralph Casey and his tireless passion.


Sheri Stroop reviewed Fort Villanow Project – 5 star 

I took my kids to Fort Villanow today and they had a blast! Everyone there is incredibly nice and it's a great place for our community.


"Dan's" Letter:  

I love having a place to come and a place to talk with my fellow brothers and sisters.  I can trust that when I say things in the combat meetings that it stays within the group hearing it.  No one writes down things I say, and no one records what I say like the V.A. psychologist do.  The paper trail that comes along with seeking out help with the V.A. might help you in the long run, but the help I receive here with people like me really, really helps me be who I want to be.  Thank you Fort Villanow for being here when I needed you, and for being so understanding towards what I have gone through.  


"Jon's" Letter:

When coming back from combat I had a hard time dealing with being back home.  I was pushing my wife further and further away, and was losing the person that I was before I left.  I had thought of anyway out that I could and finally decided that I had to find help.  I went to the post anger management program before getting out of the military to get the assistance that I needed, and was told it was going to be confidential.  I told my doctor things that I had not told anyone, not even my wife, after the visit I felt better just from talking it out.  The next thing that I knew I was being questioned by my command group about my personal life.  I was being treated almost like a criminal in my own unit by people that I had fought side by side with.  I ended up with a few more stress related issues from just going and getting help from who I thought would keep my stuff between us.  Finding the Fort here within 20 minutes of my home in Georgia has been a blessing.  The only things that are talked about after I leave a Vet.'s meeting when I get around my boss at work are work related things.  They have honestly been great for me to find here, and they are something that all Veterans in the area should take the time to get to know.