Information on the Decision Ready Claim Program -- the fastest way to get a VA disability claim processed!

Dear Veterans and Stakeholders,

Over the past month, we have been working closely with our partners at the Department of Labor (DOL) to provide you with monthly employment data as they are the authoritative source for this information.  We’ll be directly linking with them at to provide employment information.


We would like you to know that if you’re interested in getting additional information directly from DOL, you can subscribe to their VETS Newsletter. In the future, we will be sending you updates on current and useful news about benefits and services, along with continuing to provide you the authoritative link to DOL for Veteran unemployment data.

This month, we’d like to start by introducing you to a fairly new program for Veterans who are planning to file a VA disability compensation claim.  It’s the Decision Ready Claim Program -- the fastest way to get a VA disability claim processed.  Eligible Veterans can get a decision on their claim within 30 days after it is submitted when they work with an accredited representative, such as a Veterans Service Organization.

The DRC Program is administered by the Veterans Benefits Administration, and we are the source of all data related to the program.  We’re excited to see how DRC is drastically changing the way we process claims. Hear from Veterans themselves about how the DRC Program has worked for them and learn more at

Thanks to all of you, and please stay tuned as we look forward to providing you more updates soon.


Veterans Benefits Administration