A Message From Congressman Tom Graves



What do healthcare, Wall Street and the VA have in common? 

Over the last few weeks, the House passed legislation affecting each of these.


I believe Obamacare’s death spiral is accelerating, and the mission to rescue Georgia families is urgent. The House is acting quickly to move the different pieces of President Trump’s three phase healthcare plan forward, including passing Phase 1, the American Health Care Act, last month. 

Additionally, last week, the House passed three more bills that each make targeted reforms. Click HERE to read more about these bills and the president's reform plan. 

When taken together, I believe the President Trump’s plan will reduce health insurance premiums, increase access to healthcare and put patients first.

Wall Street

The House also passed the Financial CHOICE Act earlier this month. It's a Wall Street reform bill that turns the page on, what I believe was, a misguided financial takeover by the previous administration. 

I think our bill strikes the right balance between protecting Americans’ financial future and eliminating unnecessary regulations so that more of Georgia’s families, entrepreneurs, and businesses can grow and thrive.

Importantly, I believe our Wall Street reform bill also protects taxpayers. It ensures working families are never again asked to bail out any financial institution with their hard-earned tax dollars, and cuts the deficit by $24 billion.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

This month, the House passed, with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, sending it to the president’s desk. 

This legislation will help improve services and care at the VA by empowering the Trump administration to fire the bad apples so the good employees can do their jobs. 

While this doesn’t fix every problem at the VA, it’s a big step in the right direction. That said, I promise I will continue working with my colleagues in Congress and the administration to fix the ongoing issues at the VA. Our veterans and their families deserve nothing less.

Freedom first,

Tom Graves