Scuba Diving Program At The Fort! 

What makes this place so great is that we have the only 25 foot deep diving tank with heated water for your final checkout dive after your dive classes. You will save $$$ by not going out of town. 

It’s amazing what our Fort Villanow Veterans have accomplished for fellow Veterans.

It’s wonderful !  We now have a scuba diving program for Veterans and families and especially designed for those wounded with extremity injuries.

There is nothing more beautiful than being underwater. These Veterans are not helpless. They have made a great sacrifice for our country. It is up to us to make a wonderful world, a caring world for them.

These lessons are FREE ! 

A scuba diving program taught by experts in the diving world and guess what? Proceeds are paid for by caring people, wonderful people… like you.

The beauty of our facility is that training is provided in a pool and also our one of a kind Diving Tank, 35 feet deep, for the check dive right here at the Fort. Therefore we can offer you a military diving certification that will be honored anywhere in the world.

We are offering:

Our Progress So Far:

Our 25 foot deep diving tank is in the ground! Our air breathing compressor to fill up our scuba tanks has been donated and delivered! We have received diving equipment as donations from individuals. We are working on a dealership to provide new BCD's, regulators, tanks, masks and fins. We greatly appreciate  the volunteers, labor and materials from company's and local Veterans and neighbors. 

  • Basic and Advanced classes on diving skills and use of all Equipment
  • Call to sign up on Saturday’s only between 12noon and 3pm.
  • Veterans or family members of Veterans are eligible

What can I do you ask??
You can help support the program with $1.00 or $1,000.00. We are also in need of Scuba Gear & Tanks! Every nickel goes into projects for Veterans here at the Fort.